Welcome to the dub-a-rebel blog

Welcome to the dub-a-rebel blog.

This is a selection of free download links, infos, music, etc.

In my selector work i listen so many good tunes which i cannot play out in the shows, this page gives me a place where i can share those tunes.

My aim is to give a spotlight to the free dowmload and creative commons scene, those artists and producers who share their works in an uncommercial way.

9 Responses to Welcome to the dub-a-rebel blog

  1. Costa Rebel says:

    Big up!!! write to costarebel@gmail.com and we will be sending you all our latest releases for free download!!! 1 Love!!

  2. Roten says:

    Very nice blog, good concept and tings. Bip ups! Check out Roten Dub:

  3. dubcat says:

    nice one selecta, big up for the freshness- check out dubcat sound https://soundcloud.com/dubcat9/sets/terra-aer

  4. GOTJ says:

    Love the blog! Check out GOTJ – Bloodshot Riddims for new tunes and free down. Cheers!

  5. jrstuck says:

    Hey, check out my homies stuff over at: http://calewilcox.com/. He has some name your price albums and overall, excellent dub!

  6. John Tiedemann says:

    The first album from Cosmic Dub Machine is live. Singles are pay what you want on Bandcamp and you can listen to the whole thing on Youtube.


  7. James says:

    Thanks for the hard work. Check out my tracks on https://soundcloud.com/user-803049151

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